The world`s most POWERFUL
non-electric Vacuum sealer ever built!

All it takes is a "Twist of your Wrist" to seal the Savior!
The Savior VacuumTechnology
The Savior
VacuumTechnology Revolution!

Keep food fresh up to 8X longer

With Savior you No longer Need:

The Savior will Save:

Pumps You time, money
Bags Reduce Waste
Electricity, Batteries or Give you smaller carbon footprint
Complicated operation! Help save the world.
Easy to clean
Easy to clean The container is dishwasher safe. The lid needs to be hand cleaned due to
the vacuum components. Just wash, rinse and you are ready to go!
Marinating With Savior`s super strong vacuum seal pressure, marinating will
penetrate much quicker and deeper into the food.
Thus, saving you time and infusing your food with delicious flavor!
Dishwasher Dishwasher Except for lid. All other parts can be placed dishwasher.
Can I Refrigerate the food?
Yes, you can!
The Savior has no batteries or cords. It will allow you
to keep your products fresher & longer in the refrigerator!
Can Refrigerate the food
Perfect Stacking Perfect for Stacking The modular design allows the products to be stacked
vertically for a space-efficient storage solution
How much longer will the Savior extend the freshness of my products?
Category of food we can extend
  • Cheeses
  • Truffles
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Meats
  • Fruits
Regular Storage
3 times more than regular storage
Vacuum Seal arrow Vacuum Seal All it takes is a simple twist of Savior`s patented vacuum handle and
you`ve got an powerful seal. The food Savior has withstood all of
Ankomn`s rigorous tests, providing you with great quality at a great price.
Top Lid Cover arrow Top Lid Cover Savior`s high quality rubber grip makes opening the container comfortable
and effortless. Unlike other products available on the market,
Savior`s sealing rubber ring can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.
Body&Base arrow Body&Base Savior is made with BPA free food grade plastic that is also impact and stain
resistant. The modular design of Savior makes stacking easy to ensure a space-
efficient storage solution
Modell Usage
1.5qt SAV-01 Peanuts
Coffee Bean
Herbs and Spices
2.5qt SAV-02 Fish
Baked goods
Simple to clean BPA,Harmful Free
Simple to clean Safe to you, BPA free
Savior's high quality rubber grip makes opening the container
comfortable and effortless.
Unlike other products available on the market,
Savior's sealing rubberring can be easily removed
for cleaning purposes.
All material we use on Savior is food grade toxic free
Feel confident to store anything you like without worrying
about harmful toxins.
Save money Responsibility
Save money Responsibility
Based Calculation. We waste around $100 dollars per
month because of goods that expires before we
consume it. Savior will help you save money and keep you
carbon footprint low. Help protect the world!
We supervise the entire manufacturing process. We make sure
that every component of the Savior is installed correctly and
each unit is thoroughly tested before we ship it to you!
We have a 2 Year warranty on this product.
World`s No.1 Simple operation Eco-Friendly
World`s No.1 Simple operation Eco-Friendly
Savior dramatically increases the shelf life of any consumable product.
Great for camping, hunting, fishing, boating, traveling, hiking and general food storage.

By extending the shelf life of your food, Savior makes it easy for you to save money
while protecting the planet by keeping food waste to a minimum.

Savior is both easy to use and clean making it a must have in every kitchen! With all these
advantages and a beautiful appearaance, the Ankomn Savior will become
your indispensable helper both inside and outside the kitchen!
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